Clean Air Act Operating Permit Program; Petition for Objection to State Operating Permit for Hazlehurst Wood Pellets, LLC (Jeff Davis County, Georgia)

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, March 10, 2021 - 4:00am

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Administrator signed an Order, dated December 31, 2020, denying the petition submitted by the Environmental Integrity Project on behalf of itself and the Georgia Chapter of Sierra Club, Dogwood Alliance, the Rachel Carson Council, Partnership for Policy Integrity, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Our Children's Earth Foundation (Petitioners). The Order responds to the Petitioners' April 14, 2020, petition requesting that the EPA object to the proposed Clean Air Act (CAA) title V operating permit number 2499-161-0023-V-02-4 issued by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to Hazlehurst Wood Pellets, LLC for its facility located in Jeff Davis County, Georgia. The Order constitutes a final action on the petition addressed therein.

Environmental Protection Agency