Approval of Air Quality Implementation Plans; New Jersey; New Jersey 2017 Periodic Emission Inventory SIP for the Ozone Nonattainment Area and PM2.5/Regional Haze Areas, New Jersey Nonattainment Emission Inventory for 2008 Ozone NAAQS

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, August 16, 2023 - 4:00am

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is approving a State Implementation Plan (SIP) revision submitted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). The SIP revision consists of the following: 2017 calendar year ozone precursor emission inventory for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxides of nitrogen (NO<INF>X</INF>), and carbon monoxide (CO) for the Northern New Jersey portion of the New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island NY-NJ-CT ozone nonattainment area (Northern New Jersey) and the Southern New Jersey portion of the Philadelphia-Wilmington-Atlantic City, PA-NJ-MD-DE ozone nonattainment area (Southern New Jersey). The SIP revision also consists of the 2017 calendar year statewide periodic emissions inventory for New Jersey. The pollutants included in this inventory include VOC, NO<INF>X</INF>, CO, particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns (PM<INF>2.5</INF>), particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter less than or equal to 10 microns (PM<INF>10</INF>), ammonia (NH<INF>3</INF>) and sulfur dioxide (SO<INF>2</INF>). Additionally, EPA is approving a minor update to the 2011 nonattainment base year emission inventory. This action is being taken in accordance with the Clean Air Act (CAA).

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