Air Plan Approval; Indiana; Emissions Reporting Rule

Publication Date: 
Thursday, February 11, 2021 - 4:00am

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to approve a revision to the Indiana State Implementation Plan (SIP) submitted on July 16, 2020, by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). The revision incorporates changes to Indiana's existing emission reporting rule to be consistent with the emissions statement requirements in the Clean Air Act (CAA). The CAA requires stationary sources in ozone nonattainment areas to submit annual emissions statements. The revision to the rule extends the requirements in Indiana's emission reporting rule to Clark and Floyd counties, which were designated nonattainment under the 2015 ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) in 2018, and removes the requirement for Lawrenceburg Township in Dearborn County and to LaPorte County, because these areas are currently designated attainment for the 1997, 2008 and 2015 ozone standards.

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