Air Plan Approval; Arkansas; Arkansas Regional Haze and Visibility Transport State Implementation Plan Revisions

Publication Date: 
Monday, March 22, 2021 - 4:00am

Pursuant to the Clean Air Act (CAA or the Act), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finalizing approval of a revision to the Arkansas State Implementation Plan (SIP) submitted by the State of Arkansas through the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment, Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on August 13, 2019. The SIP submittal addresses requirements of the Act and the Regional Haze Rule for visibility protection in mandatory Class I Federal areas (Class I areas) for the first implementation period. The EPA is approving an alternative measure to best available retrofit technology (BART) at the Domtar Ashdown Mill for sulfur dioxide (SO<INF>2</INF>), particulate matter (PM), and nitrogen oxide (NO<INF>X</INF>); and elements of the SIP submittal that relate to these BART requirements at this facility. In addition, we are approving the withdrawal from the SIP of the previously approved PM<INF>10</INF> BART limit for Power Boiler No. 1. The EPA is also concurrently approving Arkansas' interstate visibility transport provisions from the August 8, 2018, regional haze SIP submittal as supplemented by the visibility transport provisions in the October 4, 2019, interstate transport SIP submittal, which covers the following national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS): The 2006 24-hour fine particulate matter (PM<INF>2.5</INF>) NAAQS; the 2012 annual PM<INF>2.5</INF> NAAQS; the 2008 and 2015 eight-hour ozone (O<INF>3</INF>) NAAQS; the 2010 one-hour nitrogen dioxide (NO<INF>2</INF>) NAAQS; and the 2010 one-hour SO<INF>2</INF> NAAQS. In conjunction with our final approval of these SIP revisions, we are finalizing in a separate rulemaking, published elsewhere in this issue of the Federal Register, our withdrawal of the Federal implementation plan (FIP) provisions for the Domtar Ashdown Mill.

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